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Chinese Netizens Flood Obama’s Google+ Page

The Web page of President Barack Obama's campaign for re-election on Google+ has been flooded by Chinese with comments and messages. This action followed Chinese government's removal of the long-standing blocks on Google's social networking service.

The comments are ranging from purely funny to political while some comments are from the ones who are seeking green cards. The political comments are in high number and they are asking to end the Communist Party and free a visually challenged legal advocate, namely Chen Guangchen.

One posts stated that, "Mr. President, we want American freedom." reported Washington Post.

The act of flooding the Web page has been termed as "Occupy Obama" and it started earlier last week as soon as the Chinese web surfers realised that Google+ is accessible in the country. Almost for a month the social networking website was completely blocked and was inaccessible.

In China, internet provides liveliest communication platform, but the Chinese government imposes strict monitoring as well as blocking of various overseas websites and mostly social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.