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EA Games Redefines PC Gaming, to Focus on Lower Spec Machines

EA Game's chief communications officer has been speaking about the future of EA games, saying that the PC will be receiving as much focus as ever, but with an expanded scope.

Initially accused in the interview with VG247 as having not been very kind to the PC platform, Hilleman countered that considering the Sims was the most purchased PC franchise in the past five years, EA games had in-fact been one of the strongest supporters of the gaming system.

He did however say that the problem with many PC games is that they don't cater to the platform's strength - the sheer numbers of users. The issue has been that most people have a laptop or desktop that wasn't designed with gaming in mind - though that doesn't mean it can't join in.

"You're gonna see us embrace machine specs that are further down," Hilleman said. "The good news is that Sandy Bridge-based Ultrabooks are really capable machines. You can't run Battlefield 3 on them, but you can run almost everything else. I mean, the new Macbook Air runs SWTOR like a champ if you put Windows on it. So the answer is, don't run off to the future again. Don't raise your specs so high that you're disconnected from the majority of machines out there - especially laptops"

He did however agree that those saying "PC gaming is dead," were technically right, but only because it was defined so "narrowly."

Hilleman took a quick swing at Digital Rights Management (DRM) towards the end of the interview, saying that no one hated copy protection more than him - but he ended saying SOPA wasn't all bad. A confusing message perhaps, but honest at least.

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