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Facebook Denies Reading Users' Text Messages

The world's most renowned social networking website, Facebook, might be snooping into the text messages of its users - however, a spokesperson form the company has stated that the company does not go through the user's content.

Recently, a report claimed that Facebook "admitted" that they read text messages of the users as part of the site's ongoing trial of the use of their branded messaging service. Despite such claims, it is not yet clear whether the company representative has made a full admittal or whether it was a case of miscommunication between the company and the source of the report.

It's since emerged that Facebook actually has access to reading and writing the text messages as part of the facilities used in the Android app, a permission granted once users have accepted and the application, reported PC Mag.

According to the representative, Facebook maintains the current access just for "our own testing".

Even though Facebook has the capability to access user's text messages, ultimately it depends on the user's permission - so before you eagerly accept the use of an app, be sure to check its stipulations before signing your rights away.