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Facebook To Launch New Standard For Web-Based Mobile Payments

This Monday, Facebook teamed up with over 30 smartphone handset makers, developers as well as carriers in order to develop a standard for mobile payments as well as the mobile Web.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress 2012 at Barcelona, CTO of Facebook, Bret Taylor, declared that this group will be named the W3C Mobile Web Platform Core Community Group and will "help accelerate the improvement and standardization of mobile browsers."

Taylor also added: "For developers, this makes it easier to understand your app's potential reach and to help prioritize which browser capabilities are important to you," reported PC Mag.

The aim of this group is to author as well as evangelise mobile Web standards as well as HTML5. Taylor commented that whilst HTML5 seems to be one technology, if you look at a selection of 100 various devices it will display 100 different HTML5 versions. Hopefully, this new group will "help with that fragmentation".

Plans so far involve radically changing the way web based mobile payment currently functions, with the overall aim being to work on a streamline billing method involving operators such as Orange, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA as well as many more.

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