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FBI Shuts 3000 GPS Devices after US Supreme Court Ruling

After being summoned by the US Supreme Court, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has decided to shut down as many as 3,000 tracking GPS devices that were being used without proper warrants, the agency's General Council Andrew Weissmann announced.

Weissmann made the revelation while addressing the attendees at a University of San Francisco conference late last week. As disclosed by the General Council, most of the times these devices were stuck underneath cars to monitor the whereabouts of the car owners. After this latest ruling by the Supreme Court, any use of GPS tracking devices without proper search warrants could be seen as against the country's laws.

Once the ruling was served, the FBI found difficulties in finding all of the devices in question as most of them were shut down and hence could not be tracked and found. Following this debacle, the agency sought the court's permission to briefly activate the turned-off devices so that they could be located and retrieved.

"From a law enforcement perspective, even though its not technically holding, we have to anticipate how it's going to go down the road," Weissmann explained, reports the Wall Street Journal.