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HP Reportedly Developing Intel, ARM Powered Windows 8 Tablets

A new revelation suggests that technology superstar Hewlett-Packard is developing Windows 8 powered tablet devices sporting ARM and Intel chips.

According to a new report by c|net based on inputs taken from unnamed insiders, a number of tablet as well as hybrid devices powered by the next-generation Windows 8 mobile OS platform are currently in the making.

The revelation, as a matter of fact, has come merely days after the chief executive of HP - Meg Whitman had signalled that the company was preparing to roll out Windows based mobile devices by the end of final quarter in the running year.

"We have a product line lined up in PSG (Personal Systems Group) on Windows on X86. We believe we're going to be well-positioned for holiday on Windows 8 X86," she said, pointing out to to the X86 chip design from Intel.

As per the c|net report, the devices which are likely to be dished out to the consumer market by the end of the year, include a pair with Intel's Atom processor, as well as another that uses the might of a certain Qualcomm ARM processor - probably Snapdragon.

With these new offerings, HP is definitely fighting back to regain its lost pride in the global tablet market that suffered a significant setback after the massive failure that its flagship (now discontinued) TouchPad tablet suffered last year.