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iPhone is Best Companion for Shopping Trips

Apparently, the latest high-end smartphones have become our new best friends when it comes to shopping advice, as a recent Nielsen report reveals.

The research points out that in the third quarter of last year almost a third (29%) of smartphone owners used their handsets for shopping related activities.

The report also shows that among all smartphone owners, people who have an iPhone are the most enthusiastic when it comes to using their smartphones as credit cards.

Out of those people who rely on smartphones to help take shopping decisions, the main uses of the devices (in the last 30 days) is to compare prices online while shopping in physical stores (38%) alongside browsing for products online (also 38%).

The third most popular use of a smartphone in relation to shopping, was reading online reviews of products before deciding on a purchase (32%). While about 9% of the users said they have paid for goods or services at the point of sale, using a smartphone in the last 30 days.

When it comes to the interest in using their handsets like a credit card, Android users proved to be more skeptical than Apple fans.

The report shows that 75% of iOS users declared they had some interest in making payments with their iPhone, compared to 67% of Android users who expressed a degree of desire.

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