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LG May Manufacture Google Nexus Branded Devices

According to Ramchan Woo, head of LG's smartphone division, the company might soon engage in the process of manufacturing Google's next Nexus Smartphone models. However, LG has not firmly committed to this venture yet.

Nexus, happens to be Google's version of Android powered smartphones and if things work out then LG might be Google's next partner in producing a Nexus smartphone devices.

HTC was the first company to manufacture and introduce Google Nexus line of smartphone with its Nexus One and Samsung followed with its variant of the smartphone. If things work out, LG might well surge past its competitors and beyond the Nexus devices may well be one of the first vendors to launch significant Android OS platform updates.

Woo said, "We're heavily in discussions," reported c|net. "We're working on it." he added.

For the time being, both the companies Google and LG refused to make any comment about the partnership or any other details. In fact, LG might utilise this partnership to go beyond smartphones and produce tablet computers as well as Google TV under the brand name Nexus.