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Megaupload's Kim Dot Com Claims Action Against Him was "Political"

Megaupload founder Kim Dot Com has spoken out about the upcoming court battles he faces in New Zealand and potentially the US, saying that he feels his arrest was political in nature.

It was just over a month ago that the creator of file sharing website Megaupload was arrested, his websites seized, along with tens of millions of dollars that the authorities are claiming was earned through money laundering and fraud. Mr Dot Com thinks differently though, saying that the treatment he and his co-defendants (Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolkm and Finn Batato) received "went way too far, it was out of all proportion."

These revelations were made in an interview with Torrent Freak, where Dot Com also said that he was confident they would win their case. He claims all charges against him are false and that on the best legal advice, he operated Mega Upload completely legally.

Surprisingly upbeat having had most of his property and money seized, he described the arrest as being "amazing," saying that the interviewer "should have been there."

"It was like a war zone. Armed police everywhere....two helicopters. The New Zealand authorities certainly put on a show for the FBI." The latter claim might not be such a stretch, with the UK's own Serious Organised Crime Agency shutting down music sharing site RnBXclusive and threatening users of the site with a decade of jail time - despite the fact that the organisation's main goals are stamping out gun running and human trafficking.

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