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Microsoft India Hackers May Have Viewed Credit Card Details

It turns out that the recent Microsoft India hack allowed those behind it to potentially steal customer credit card details among other information.

This is a turn around on what was initially claimed by officials, with Microsoft stating in an email to affected customers that the "databases storing credit card details and payment information were not affected during this compromise." That now seems not to be the case, with the latest communiqué from the software giant stating that "Further detailed investigation and review of data provided by the website operator revealed that financial information may have been exposed for some Microsoft Store India customers."

The finger is being pointed at Quasar Media, an advertising and digital marketing company that Microsoft entrusted customer information too. This is unlikely to deter criticism from Microsoft though, since it was the one that chose this ill-suited partner for storing this highly sensitive customer information.

It's probably a good idea if you're a Microsoft India customer to cancel any credit cards you may have used with it in the past. At the very least, keep a close eye on your statement to look out for any sort of unauthorised activity.

Other suggestible security measures would include changing any passwords that you might have re-used with Microsoft and keeping an eye out for phishing scams that might begin using any Microsoft twinned email addresses.

Source: Labnol

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