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Microsoft To Release Windows Phone OS To A Further 23 Countries

Software giant Microsoft Corp. is pondering the idea of introducing its flagship mobile OS platform Windows Phone to 23 additional countries in order to compensate for the market share lost out to arch rivasl Google and Apple. As part of this new move the company is also planning to release the platform to the less expensive smartphone models.

Microsoft intends to kick start the new expansion plans by launching its mobile application outlets in countries such as China, Venezuela, Thailand as well as 20 others by the end of the month. The handsets will also arrive in these markets around the same time, claimed corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, Terry Myerson.

With this, the Windows Phone platform will have its strong presence felt in 63 markets worldwide along with a possible target of 60 per cent more buyers.

In a recent study, market research organisation IDC predicted that the WP family will surpass Apple Inc. in the global smartphone arena by the fall of 2015.

Reacting to this forecast, Myerson expressed his thoughts: "It's a great forecast -- I wish all I had to do is press a button and say, ‘Make it happen,'" as reported by Business Week.

"We've got some great strategies to get there, but it's not a gimme. We're a challenger in a market against two established competitors," Myerson added.