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Nvidia Gets DirectTouch Partners

Nvidia has got itself a few new partners to use the DirectTouch technology it showed off at CES earlier this year and it's not just one or two either.

In total six firms have signed up to make use of the energy saving feature, including: Atmel, Synaptics, N-trig, Radium, Cypress and Focaltech. It is thought that with the insight that these firms have in the touch game, they will bring their own expertise to bare, improving DirectTouch.

Nvidia's new technology allows for the processing required of a touch screen to be offset to the 4-Plus-1 chip that is being integrated in many next generation smartphones and tablets. By removing the separate touch control chip, Fudzilla reports that responsiveness is improved as well as battery life - at least that's the idea.

This next generation touch screen processor has already been touted as a big game changer for 2012. With this new feature it certainly gives Nvidia one more notch to differentiate it from competitor hardware.

Known under many names until recently, the green graphics card maker finally caved to pressure from fans to call the next-generation chip something descriptive and eye catching and exchanged 'Ninja Core' and 'Quad Core' for Four-Plus-One.

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