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Skype Beta Hits Windows Phone 7

The beta application for Skype on Windows Phone 7 has now been released by Microsoft, ending a long waiting period for users of the mobile OS.

"Many of you have been waiting for this. And today we are excited to announce our new Skype for Windows Phone Beta app. This now makes Skype available on almost all of the leading mobile smartphone operating systems. The gold version of the app will be available in April, but starting today, you will be able to download the beta version to test drive Skype for Windows Phone and share your feedback with us," said Skype in a statement.

With the increased uptake of 3G and Wi-Fi on smartphone devices, there has been a big uptake in data transfer services like Blackberry messenger, utilising web based contact instead of traditional text messaging and voice calls. This new Skype app allows for that too, giving users the chance to do voice and video chat over data networks as well as using Skype's Credit service to contact landlines and other mobiles for much cheaper rates than standard calls.

There is only a small number of supporting handsets at the moment including:

  • · Nokia Lumia 710
  • · Nokia Lumia 800
  • · HTC Titan
  • · HTC Radar
  • · Samsung Focus S
  • · Samsung Focus Flash

You'll also need to be running Windows Phone 7.5 for the app to work correctly.

With 4G expected to be a big contributor to the continued uptake of data heavy services, the UK could see a reduced usage of this type of app until its own next-generation network roll out begins towards the end of 2012.

Source: Pocket Lint

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