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Ultrabooks Featuring Hybrid Drive Facility On Sale For As Little As $600

A new report reveals how leading ultrabook vendors from across the globe are desperately trying to sell their respective products for as little as $600.

This reduction in the cost of ultrabooks, according to a DigiTimes report, can be primarily attributed to the emergence of hybrid hard disk drives as vendors' preferred choice for low end models.

This change in approach by vendors could eventually push the price of ultrabooks well below the $700 mark.

Currently ultrabooks, highy regarded as a compact form of the Windows 7 powered laptops blended with the additional advantage of portability, are priced at the minimum of $800.

According to the DigiTimes report, another important factor that could result in a drop in ultrabooks' prices is Intel's alleged intentions to reduce the price of its next generation Ivy Bridge chip by $70 or so.

However, a quote featured in a CNet article by Brooke Crothers directly contradicts the Digitimes report: "Intel doesn't see it that way, however. While the chipmaker does not discuss pricing of its products prior to launch, the DigiTimes report of a $60 to $70 price reduction on Ivy Bridge processors "is simply not true".

The CNet report cited inputs taken from an Intel insider.

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