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WikiLeaks and Anonymous Release Intelligence Firm Emails

WikiLeaks has twinned with the Anonymous movement to release emails hacked from private intelligence firm Stratfor, a company that sells its political analysis to governments and corporations.

While the whistle blowing website hasn't officially unveiled where it got the emails from, some anons have been claiming responsibility, saying to Wired that they felt WikiLeaks was a better platform for analysing and spreading the information than Anonymous would be. "They work together with media in a way we don't."

Breaking it down into a two punch combo phrase, the relationship was described as: "Antisec acquires the shit, WL gets it released in a proper manner."

With over five million emails leaked, Stratfor was targeted because of its client list. CEO of the organisation George Friedman apparently stated in one email: "[Y]ou have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control... This is intended to start our conversation on your next phase," when discussing how to deal with an Israeli intelligence informant with a Stratfor Analyst: Reva Bhalla.

An impressive part of this leak is that apparently some 25 media organisations have been analysing this data for quite some time, showing a high level of secrecy for groups not known for their restraint.

It seems likely many more details will be unveiled in the coming days and weeks as more people get a look at the emails, but so far they have revealed ties between Stratfor and government agencies, and Goldman Sachs - in what is being described as questionable money making endeavours.

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