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Android Smartphones Pose Great Security Risks, Claims Security Firm

Google's flagship mobile OS platform Android may be soaring high in terms of popularity all over the world, but certain vulnerabilities present in the OS expose its users to potentially devastating security threats, claimed a security analyst firm.

The alarm has been raised by the leading UK based security outfit MWR Infosecurity, and according to its study, certain flaws present in Android's security features put users' personal data at the risk of unauthorized access.

The revelation made by the security firm coincides with the on-going Mobile World Congress, where a handful of smartphone vendors are likely to be coming up with their respective next-generation Android powered handsets.

"Manufacturers must spend more time looking to see how they can safeguard users. Many seem to forget that they have a duty of care. The problem is that many users just don't realise how vulnerable they actually are," Ian Shaw, MD at MWR InfoSecurity, said in a statement, reports The Inquirer.

"Criminals can steal personal details like bank passwords and other personal information," he added.

MWR Infosecurity has already made quite a high reputation for itself in the Android security market by exposing 10 vulnerabilities present in Samsung's smartphones and tablet devices.