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Apple, Google Sued by PanoMap Over Street View Maps

Ever since Google stepped into the smartphone market with the launch of its flagship Android OS platform, its once-friendly relationship with Apple Inc. turned bitter. In fact the relationship between the two companies soured to such an extent that the Late Steve Jobs even threaded to go "thermo nuclear" against the search giant. However, in a turn of events both these rival companies may be joining hands to fight a patent infringement suit filed against both these companies.

It is PanoMap that has filed a lawsuit against both Apple and Google for embedding Street View app in Apple products which is being provided by Google.

PanoMap in a Florida court filing stated that these companies have been infringing the patent No. 6,563,529 which is described as "Interactive system for displaying detailed view and direction in panoramic images." reported Phandroid.

The company further claimed that Apple and Google are aware that this patent has been owned by PanoMap and as they have ignored this fact, they must pay triple damages to PanoMap.

But, there seems to be some confusion as another company CSA claims that it owns PanoMap trademark and stated that Google and Apple have not been sued.