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Apple, Microsoft Slide in Superbrands Top 500 Rankings

According to Consumer Superbrands Top 500 survey, Microsoft and Apple are losing their charm among customers. The survey is an annual poll on brand popularity and it prepares a list of "500 consumer and business to business brands in the UK".

In the polls consumers take part to vote for their preferred brands and the brands are assessed by YouGov panel. Thus, it is a crucial list for those engaged in marketing of the brands.

To be very specific, for the survey "a nationally representative sample of above 2000 British consumers that are aged from 18 and above" were considered. Depending on the number of votes casted for a brand, that brand is rated on the list.

This year, Redmond based Microsoft has been able to secure 45th position in the list with a 53.11 ranking by the voters. Incidentally, in the year 2010 the software giant was placed at a comfortable sixth position, reported The Inquirer.

Apple also slipped from its position in top ten and came at 18th position with 64.55 ranking.

Mountain View based web search giant Google has been able to do pretty well and captured third position from its previous sixth position.