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Cisco To Upgrade Firewall Technology To Improve Network Security

Networking hardware company Cisco Systems has confirmed that it will be upgrading its existing firewall technologies with the vision of better equipping network administrators to tackle the challenges faced in the continuously changing landscape of network security.

As part of its broader goal to enhance network security, the company is also updating its own certification courses.

The company declared that it is extending their Cisco SecureX threat detection system into some of the company's largest and most popular firewalls, including the Cisco ASA CX firewall. The ASA CX is primarily aimed to allow network administrators to control the access privilege enjoyed by devices as well as users to certain network resources.

"Long term, we're going to be taking the power of SecureX, and bringing it into the Cisco core architecture, and delivering it on everything we do - our core router and switching, but also data, voice and video" claimed Christopher Young, the new senior vice president of security, Cisco at the RSA 2012 conference, as reported by The Register.

"We're bringing security to all parts of the Cisco landscape," Young added.

Young also emphasised the importance of this upgrade by stating that 35 per cent of the emails sent by users from across the world are handled by Cisco alone, in addition to which the company also processes somewhere around 30 billion website requests on a daily basis.

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