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Conan the Barbarian Makers to Sue Over 2000 Downloaders

Nu Image, the movie studio behind the Conan the Barbarian remake has brought a mass lawsuit against 2,165 individuals that it claims illegally downloaded the movie.

The suit was filed with the United States District Court in Maryland last Friday and it's a little different to ones that this firm has filed in the past. This time around the studio has kept it to one district with all the infringers being found in Maryland and it's also targeted previously cooperative Internet Service Providers (ISP) Sprint and Comcast.

To identify the accused, Nu Image tracked IP addresses of certain torrent downloaders, which is a dubious tracking method at best. If people have unsecured wireless networks then a random person could have accessed it and used the accused IP before moving on. Likewise if someone has a dynamic IP address, they are likely to not even be using the same address as when they allegedly downloaded the film.

Of course these sorts of claims are often laughed at by proponents of copyright protection. However, while it's likely that many of the accused did indeed illegally download Conan, there's probably a few innocent in their too. Is it fair for them to be hit by fines because Nu Image is pissed a couple thousand people didn't pay for the movie?

However that's nothing compared to what Nu Image is doing and doesn't seem to consider. The people it's suing, are potentially fans of their movie. They wanted to watch it and did so, whether legally or not. Some of those will have gone on to pay for it. Instead of targeting fans of your work with legal action, focus on making a better product that downloaded or not, people will be willing to pay for it because it's that good.

PS. The Conan remake sucked.

Source: Torrent Freak

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