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Dixons Unveils Knowhow TV and Film Streaming Service

One of UK's largest consumer electronic retailers, Dixons Retail, will be releasing its very own online movie service this Thursday.

Known as Knowhow, the new feature will be given first prority for Mac and Windows users only. However, the company promises that it won't take them too long until the service is rolled out to mobile platforms such as Android and iOS,with a number of smart TVs including Logik - Dixons' home grown brand - to also be equipped with Knowhow support.

The retail giant further promised that with more and more devices being equipped with the service, the two chains currently under Dixon (PC World and Currys) will soon begin to offer products that will come with the existing Knowhow system.

Prices for Knowhow are currently fixed at £3.99 for rental and £12.99 for purchasing, but in the case of older titles, the figures have been lowered to £2.99 for hire as well as a purchase price of £5.99. The leading TV series will be made available from £1.99 onwards.

Knowhow will allow customers to "only pay for what they watch, [they] will have access to all the latest releases instantly, and can buy and view films and TV shows on a wide range of their connected devices," Niall O'Keeffe, Knowhow Development director confirmed, as reported by The Inquirer.

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