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Google to Offer $1 Million in Rewards to Chrome Hackers

Google has announced luscious cash rewards, totalling $1 million, for individuals who hack into its Chrome browser at the CanSecWest security conference scheduled to be held next week.

Based upon the severity of the exploits the participants demonstrate during the event, the search giant will be awarding them with $20,000, $40,000 and $60,000 in cash.

The contest, dubbed "Pwnium" was announced by the company's security team on an official Google blog on Monday. The blog post states that there won't be any splitting of rewards, and the results will be determined on a first come first serve basis until the $1 million figure is reached.

"While we're proud of Chrome's leading track record in past competitions, the fact is that not receiving exploits means that it's harder to learn and improve," Justin Schuh and Chris Evans, members of the Google Chrome security team wrote in the blog post.

"To maximize our chances of receiving exploits this year, we've upped the ante. We will directly sponsor up to $1 million worth of rewards," they added.

The blog post also revealed that Google has removed its support from the Pwn2Own contest after the organisers had enforced a change in the rules. Under the new rules, the hackers can be rewarded even if they don't disclose the details regarding the vulnerabilities they exploit in web browsers.