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Intel Details Roadmap, 14nm Atom SoC To Come in 2014

Intel's CEO, Paul Otellini said at a news conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the company plans to expand is smartphone SoC and communications product roadmaps focusing on two different segments, value and performance.

Intel has also announced the names of the two successors for the Z2460; the value Z2000 will be a 1GHz part with an Intel XMM 6265 HSPA+ modem and a performance part, the Z2580 which will have twice the performance of the Z2460 as well as a LTE and HSPA+ capable modem, the XMM7160.

Both the Z2000 and the Z2580 will be sampling in the second half of 2012 with the first products launched in H2 2013 and will use Intel's 32nm manufacturing process rather than the more advanced 22nm Tri-Gate technology.

Otellini also revealed that 22nm SoCs will be introduced next year with the company already working on 14nm Tri-gate nodes for SoC which should come in 2014. A new partnership between Intel and Visa over NFC payments was also announced.

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