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Intel's Ivy Bridge Delays Clarified

Following a statement made by a company executive explaining that the release of Intel's Ivy Bridge chip had been delayed by eight weeks, the company has jumped in to clarify that the speculation is untrue.

Jon Carvill, spokesman for IBM, said: "Reports of an eight-week delay to the Ivy Bridge launch are inaccurate and our schedule has only been impacted by a few weeks," reported CNET.

Therefore, if the release of an Ivy Bridge desktop product was scheduled for April, it will be now launched in May. Similarly, the smartphone which was planned to be released in May will now appear in the market sometime around June.

The spokesman also stated that shortly after the Ivy Bridge chips are launched, the company will increase their production rate compared to the present Sandy Bridge chips.

The company plans to ship over "50 per cent more volume of Ivy Bridge units to the market in the first two quarters of production in 2012 as compared to Sandy Bridge [in the same time frame last year]."