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Microsoft Worst at Providing Privacy Protection, Privacy Group Says

Over the past few weeks, software giant Microsoft has been seen rather aggressively lashing out at arch rival for allegedly not doing enough to ensure users' privacy over the Web. The company also released multiple ads, portraying itself as a much better alternative to the Mountain View based search giant when it came to handling users' online privacy and security.

However, according to a recent study carried by the privacy outfit PrivacyChoice, Microsoft itself has to put its house in order first before pointing out to others. The study claims that Microsoft's own website is far more vulnerable to external threats if compared to those of its competitors such as Google or Apple.

On a scale of 0 to 100, Microsoft's official website secured just 79, lagging far behind Apple and Google who managed to score 89 and 85 respectively. The ratings were determined by the analysts at PrivacyChoice on the basis of precautionary measures that the sites were adopting in order to safeguard users' privacy.

PrivacyChoice, in its report stated: "Google offers multiple services, which involve varying degrees of privacy risk based on the nature of the data collected. Depending on how you use Google's services, their overall privacy score may not be comparable to the privacy scores of other websites."

[Source: PC World]