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Photos : Unannounced Toshiba 7.7-inch Tegra 3 Tablet Spied

Nvidia had a working unit of a yet-to-be-announced Nvidia Tegra 3 based Toshiba tablet with a 7.7-inch display at a gamers' event yesterday in Barcelona.

While it doesn't carry any specific branding, we expect it to be part of the Thrive/Excite family.

The tablet comes with a 1280x800 pixels resolution (196 ppi pixel density), has a front facing camera plus a rear camera with a flash, a microSD card slot, a USB port, two speakers but surprisingly, a proprietary charging port a la Apple connector.

Designwise, it features a rather thick bezel, with a glossy glass finish, rounded edges and champagne/silver finish and perhaps most importantly is incredibly thin and light.

No details from Nvidia or Toshiba regarding the availability of the tablet in the UK or the pricing.