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Proview Amends Lawsuit Against Apple, Seeks Global iPad Name Rights

Proview Electronics revealed that the company plans to regain iPad name's worldwide rights and thus will file a suit against Apple alleging fraud as well as unfair competition. Through the suit, Proview Electronics hopes to establish the 2009 trademark sale was void.

On Monday, the company stated that they have amended the earlier lawsuit file at Santa Clara, California's Supreme Court at the beginning of this month. In the suit, besides establishing that the sale of trademark was void, Proview Electronics also sought for unspecified compensation, share from Apple's profit earned through the "unfair competition" and court orders to stop the Cupertino based tech giant to use the trademark.

The company stated that "Among the many allegations in the U.S complaint are fraud by intentional misrepresentation, fraud by concealment, fraudulent inducement, and unfair competition," reported Washington Post.

According to Proview Electronics they are the owner of iPad trademark rights in mainland China. However, last week a Shanghai court rejected Proview's plea for the injunction that will stop iPad sales.

Proview stated that if they succeed in acquiring a ruling that 2009 deal was void then trademarks of the world's number one tablet computer for European Union, Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore will come back to Proview.