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Sapphire Announces Silent HD 7750 Ultimate Graphics Card

AMD partner Sapphire has announced the release of a new 7000 series graphics processing unit (GPU) featuring a passive cooler, known as the Silent 7750 Ultimate.

According to the GPU maker, this is the first card of this generation to use passive cooling techniques, utilising heat pipes and a large heat sink alone to cool the card's graphics chip. Don't expect this to be a monster overclocker, but thanks to the lack of moving parts it should be totally silent. It's not low profile, so HTPC usage will be limited to standard size chassis, but media enthusiasts will appreciate the low noise levels.

In terms of the actual hardware on the PCB, the core clocks in at 800MHz and is twinned with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, itself clocked to 1125MHz. Capable of displaying next generation 4K resolutions, the card also supports other 7000 series features including HDMI 1.4, stereoscopic 3D and PCIexpress 3.0.

Outputs at the back include twin DVI alongside single HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. This potentially allows for four direct connected displays. You might not want to try full HD gaming across each one at the same time - as the 7750 just isn't designed for that type of thing - but it does mean you can have an impressive work setup with a silent card, perhaps watching HD video on one while working on two others and having a fourth spare.

Launched today, expect retailers to begin stocking and listing the cards in a few days' time.

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