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Xbox 720 Durango to Support DX11, Bethesda Hints

Skyrim maker Bethesda has announced a new available position at the developer, advertising for someone to work on "cutting-edge technology for an unannounced game on future-generation consoles."

The job is entitled "Future Generation Console Programmer," leaving little doubt in our mind what hardware the eventual employee will be working on. It also gives some further insight into what next-gen consoles will be capable of with the requirements.

The fact that Bethesda wants a programmer that has "extensive experience programming and optimising for the Xbox 360 and PS3," suggests that developing for the next-generation won't be too dissimilar to doing so for current gen. consoles.

The game maker is also looking for someone that has "experience with Direct X 11" confirming that the Xbox 720/PS4 will be using DX11 compatible hardware. This means they will at least have chips from the AMD 5000 / Nvidia 400 series - though fans will no doubt be hoping for a 7000 Tahiti or 600 Kepler graphics processing unit (GPU) since they will bring some real performance gains to the consoles.

For anyone looking to apply to the Bethesda position you'll need to tick the above boxes, as well as having over five years game making experience, having finished multiple titles. You'll need to be available to work in the United States as well.

To sign up for the job, head over to Taleo and input your information.

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