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Sony PlayStation Vita Sells 1.2 Million Units

Sony has sold over 1.2 million PlayStation Vita handheld consoles across the world since its US and EU launch on 22nd February - or the 15th for first edition bundle buyers.

Surprisingly as well, Japanese sales of the Vita only make up 380,000 of that number, despite the hardware having been available there since mid-December 2011.

While the worldwide sales of over a million units seems far from bad, Nintendo's 3DS handheld managed to push 3.6 million in the first month after release, selling 1.2 million of that in the first week. Further down the line, Nintendo managed to sell over 5 million of the 3DS in Japan alone following strong game releases in the form of Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and the latest Monster Hunter.

While of course Nintendo has a head start and also did better in its early days, many predicted the Vita would be a complete flop so it's certainly doing better than that. According to IGN, there have been around 2 million games sold for the new Sony console so far and as more third party developers release titles for the platform this will of course increase.

Some have also predicted that the Vita could provide a gamer's handheld competitor for some tablet PCs, offering up many of the capabilities that people purchase the touch screen devices for. Of course it could also go the other way, with tablets competing with the Vita as gaming platforms. Likewise Intel's Ultrabooks could provide a decent portable gaming solution.

Of course there's also smartphones to consider. Bring back the N-Gage? who's with me?

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