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Spanish Authorities Arrest Four Suspected Anonymous Hackers

Police claim to have arrested four suspected Anonymous hackers in Spain, charged with attacking websites and releasing personal data of police officers and bodyguards of the Spanish Royal family.

The arrests occurred today in Madrid and Magala and are part of an international move by authorities to detain as many as fifteen suspects across several countries: including Argentina, Chile and Columbia. One of the Spanish arrestees apparently went by the nicknames "Thunder" and "Pacotron." Both however were responsible for running a botnet in Spain and Latin America via servers in Eastern Europe.

No word on any of the official or unofficial Anonymous Twitter accounts on these most recent arrests, though one person has informed them via a tweet that reads: "@Anon_Central Two members of 'ANONSPAIN' were sent to prison today. Of the four arrested, two were sent to prison. Another is a child."

The Sun Daily has it that one of the two now out on bail is a 16 year old boy.

As part of the arrests, the authorities apparently seized 25 computers, hard drives and various other storage mediums and electronic devices in a bid to gather up evidence on the suspected hacktivists.

In the past Anonymous has reacted strongly when members of the movement were arrested so I imagine it won't be long before Spanish government websites begin dropping offline or get themselves a new index page. Keep your eyes peeled.

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