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Twitter Teams Up With Datasift To Allow Marketers Access To Tweet Archive

UK based business intelligence and analysis outfit, Datasift, has joined forces with microblogging platform Twitter in order to allow businesses access to two years of Twitter updates to use for market research purposes.

With this new deal struck between the two companies, market research firms will now be able to search as well as analyse tweets posted on the site from January 2010 onwards. Prior to this, businesses only had access to 30 days of tweets.

"It's a brand new service that we're bringing online - it's a massive technology challenge because of the amount of data that is pumped out every single day," Tim Barker, Datasift's marketing manager, said in a statement to the BBC News.

Barker also claimed that the company was receiving approximately 250 million tweets on a daily basis. However, Datasift clarified that tweets posted then deleted on a personal profile won't be indexed by the company for research purposes.

The company also boasted that the demand for the service is rising at a rapid pace - with roughly 1000 companies waiting to get access to the tweets as soon as possible.

The new service launched by Datasift will also prove to be a vital source of revenue for Twitter.