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Video : Mozilla Boot to Gecko OS - Hands On Walkthrough

ITProPortal is now publishing this hands-on video walkthrough of the new open Web device, coming from Telefónica, which is based on Mozilla's Boot To Gecko project.

The video shows a yet-to-be-named phone running the 'open web device' OS, which has been developed by Telefónica, in partnership with Mozilla and Qualcomm.

The Telefónica Boot To Gecko platfrom has been entirely encoded in HTML5, where everything is within that format, from applications to home screen - with just a Kernel, Boot to Gecko and no middleware or libraries of any sort.

The footage shows the mobile phone being used to make calls, send text messages, access Google maps, play high-quality video and even run HTML5 games, from the web.

The handset was noted as being of a 'very cheap' design, but was equally very fast and responsive to use; it has been confirmed to ITPP that handset uses the Qualcomm 7227a chipset - the same version running Nokia's new WP7 Lumia 610.

The idea behind the phone and platform is to bring devices such as this to the emerging market, where this handset will arrive by the end of the year.