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XOLO Intel-based Smartphone To Launch In India

Intel and Lava International Ltd have teamed up to produce the XOLO X900 which is Intel's first attempt to grab a share of the burgeoning Indian smartphone market.

The Santa-clara based semiconductor giant chose an unknown brand (at least in the western world) rather than one of the more established players.

The XOLO X900 is powered by an Intel Z2460 processor clocked at 1.6GHz, with a 4.03-inch high resolution screen, HDMI and NFC compatible plus an eight megapixel camera that can take 10 pictures and one second.

The XOLO X900 will also go on sale in India in the second half of the year and is expected to come with 16GB onboard storage, weigh around 120g and measure less than 10mm thick.

We suspect that the phone is manufactured by ZTE and is a close cousin of the Orange Santa Clara, which will be the first Intel-powered smartphone to be launched in Europe this summer.

It would be interesting to see whether Intel makes Windows Phone Mango/Tango compatible with the Medfield architecture and it is worth noting that Intel is, concurrently supporting Tizen, which was born out of the fusion of Meego and Samsung's Bada.

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