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£22 Raspberry Pi Goes on Sale

Raspberry Pi, the credit card sized computer, which has been primarily designed to encourage children to learn to code has now been made available for general sale.

The low cost computer is a bare-bones device that does not come with a keyboard or monitor and has been developed over a period of 6 years. As a matter of fact, many people believe that the Pi could help to reverse the trend which has seen Britons falling behind in terms of programming skills.

Expressing his satisfaction over the device Eben Upton, who is the founder and trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and who is responsible for complete hardware and software architecture of the device, stated, "It has been six years in the making; the number of things that had to go right for this to happen is enormous. I couldn't be more pleased," the BBC reports.

According to Upton, this type of scheme will provide UK children with a great opportunity to actually get to know as well as learn about programming fundamentals.

The Foundation has already had thousands of units made by a Chinese manufacturer, which they say was necessary (rather than in the UK) in order to keep the price down.

Initially only the Ethernet enabled £22 Pi model will be available with the £16 variant coming later this year.