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AM News: Four 'Anonymous' Suspects Arrested in Spain, PlayStation Vita Sales, Intel Ivy Bridge Delay Clarified

Police claim to have arrested four suspected Anonymous hackers in Spain, charged with attacking websites and releasing personal data of police officers and bodyguards of the Spanish Royal family. The arrests occurred today in Madrid and Magala and are part of an international move by authorities to detain as many as fifteen suspects across several countries: including Argentina, Chile and Columbia. One of the Spanish arrestees apparently went by the nicknames "Thunder" and "Pacotron."

Sony has sold over 1.2 million PlayStation Vita handheld consoles across the world since its US and EU launch on 22nd February - or the 15th for first edition bundle buyers. Surprisingly as well, Japanese sales of the Vita only make up 380,000 of that number, despite the hardware having been available there since mid-December 2011.

One of UK's largest consumer electronic retailers, Dixons Retail, will be releasing its very own online movie service this Thursday. Known as Knowhow, the new feature will be given first prority for Mac and Windows users only. However, the company promises that it won't take them too long until the service is rolled out to mobile platforms such as Android and iOS,with a number of smart TVs including Logik - Dixons' home grown brand - to also be equipped with Knowhow support.

Following a statement made by a company executive explaining that the release of Intel's Ivy Bridge chip had been delayed by eight weeks, the company has jumped in to clarify that the speculation is untrue. Jon Carvill, spokesman for IBM, said: "Reports of an eight-week delay to the Ivy Bridge launch are inaccurate and our schedule has only been impacted by a few weeks."

UK based business intelligence and analysis outfit, Datasift, has joined forces with microblogging platform Twitter in order to allow businesses access to two years of Twitter updates to use for market research purposes. With this new deal struck between the two companies, market research firms will now be able to search as well as analyse tweets posted on the site from January 2010 onwards. Prior to this, businesses only had access to 30 days of tweets.