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Apple iOS Allows Developers Access To Your Photos

According to a recent report, a security feature of iOS which allow users to share information related to their location could allow application developers to access a user's complete photo library.

The report also provided details of the entire process whereby developers can access a user's photo archive through a pop-up requesting permission of the user's present location details.

Should the user click on the OK button, the app developers can then copy photos along with GPS metadata to a remote server - however, users who accept this are offered no explanation to this 'tracking' service.

The New York Times' Bits Blog states that it is not yet clear whether any of the apps published in Apple App Store have actually carried out this infiltration, further stating that "an unpublished test app" developed by an unnamed iOS developer succeeded in uploading users' images simply by using the pop-up option.

Apple Inc. has refused to make any comment on the issue.

However, it's been suggested that "sources familiar with the situation" may have a fix for this issue; with the solution to be integrated into the latest iOS software update - but no information has so far been released.