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Apple Warns Evi With Possible Eviction From App Store

Apple Inc. has warned Internet answer search engine, True Knowledge, that their Evi application may be pulled from Apple's App Store.

Evi app is a voice recognition app similar to the Siri system used in the iPhone 4S. It's been reported that the British app can perform near enough the same amount of functions Siri claims to be able to do. At present this application is available in App Store for Apple products as well as for the Android based smartphones.

Chief executive of True Knowledge, William Tunstall-Pedoe, confirmed that representatives of Apple contacted him on Friday and stated that the company had removed their app, reported The Guardian.

The reason for pulling the plug lies in a conversation made by Apple representative, Richard Chipman, hinting that the controversial Evi had been reviewed under condition no. 8.3 of the App Store's terms and conditions - which prohibits applications labelled as "confusingly similar" with any already existing Apple Inc. product.

The British Evi app uses speech recognition system, Nuance which is also used by Siri. However, Evi uses its own servers to work on the various content requested by the user. In addition, Evi is far more useful than Siri for UK users as the former helps provide accessibility to British Maps as well as businesses located in the UK.

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