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Exclusive : ST Ericsson, Rockchip To Join Windows 8 For ARM Club In 2013

An anonymous source close to Windows 8 for ARM plans has told that Microsoft will add at least two other system on chip manufacturers to its official list of supported SoCs makers.

Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instruments were already on the initial list announced by Steve Ballmer back in January 2011 at the Consumer Electronic Show.

The common points of all three companies is that they are all US-based and have Cortex-A15 class processors ready (Krait, OMAP5 and Denver).

A second wave of companies will be added in the first half of 2013 including ST Ericsson - which has already been chosen by Nokia to run Windows Phone 8 - and little known Chinese fabless company Rockchip which is best known for supplying chips that power tablets from French manufacturer Archos.

Our contact did not say why Microsoft chose these two companies and how many more will be added.

System-on-chip solutions from various vendors require MIcrosoft to finetune Windows 8 for ARM, essentially delivering similar but still different versions.

Other manufacturers that could make it to the list include Calxeda (which makes server oriented chips), Fujitsu, Freescale, Renesas, Marvell, Broadcom, Samsung Semiconductors, Allwinner or Nufront.

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