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Google Looks To Acquire Fibre Optic Wire Patent

Google Inc. recently filed for the acquisition of a patent for a device capable of reducing digging. Google plans to run fibre optic wiring throughout homes in Kansas City homes but in order to do so, requires the aforementioned patent.

Google's patent application indicates that this edging device may offer a more affordable and quicker method in covering the remaining distance needed to connect homes in Kansas City to Google's ultrafast Internet service.

Online trade journal, FierceCable, was able to lay their hands on a copy of this application and according to them, Google explained that the edging device "may have decorative color or pattern on the outside surface for aesthetic purposes," reported The Kansas City Star.

Google experimented the service inside the Stanford University campus, and now plan to implement this service in Kansas City. The service undertaken within the University was done on a much smaller scale with customers having to pay $250 for installing the requirements.

Whilst it is not clear just how much users in Kansas City will have to pay for the facility, according to the company, customers should not measure the price tag against that used in the Stanford experiment.

Google plans to offer the service in numerous parts of Kansas City this summer, promising to provide Internet downloads 100 times quicker than that of the national average.

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