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iPad 3 Media Event Invitation Picture Dissected

One website went through the trouble of dissecting the picture invitation sent by Apple to journalist ahead of the annoucement of the next generation iPad, which is expected to be called the iPad 3.

Smashwire listed a number of inferences from the various visual cues in the invite itelf.

Top of the list is the fact thatt the screen resolution in the picture appears to be much higher than on the current iPad 2 whose pixel density stands at 132ppi (the retina display on the iPhone 4S tops 326ppi).

Smashwire pointed to the sharpness (and lack of jagged edges) on the "e" in "wednesday" and claims that the size of the bezel as well as the calendar icon size is much larger than what it would usually be.

In addition, the reflection on the thumb indicates that there's another light source (although it also claims that it could be some shoddy Photoshop instead). Find out more at Smashwire.

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