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Late News: Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Apple Asks for Siri Rival Evi's Makeover, iPad 3 Launching on March 7th

Microsoft is finally going to put its much talked about Windows 8 operating system platform to the public test on Wednesday, much to the delight of the world's most devoted Windows fans. The "consumer preview" version of the forthcoming OS will be unveiled at the ongoing Mobile World Congress event by none other than Windows chief, Steven Sinofsky.

Interpol has reportedly arrested 25 individuals across four countries for allegedly being associated with the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous. In a statement issued on Tuesday, Interpol disclosed that the suspected Anonymous members were arrested in Chile, Colombia, Spain as well as Argentina.

LightSquared declared on Tuesday that the Chairman and CEO Mr Sanjiv Ahuja has resigned from the post of CEO but will hold his position as the Chairman. The company is in search of a new Chief executive officer so as to resume the proceedings of its ongoing efforts to come up with a high-quality 4G cellular network countrywide.

According to reports, if few changes are made, the Siri like voice-recognition British app, Evi, might just make it to the Apple App Store. On 23rd January this year, iTunes Store approved as well as launched the information application Evi, however, this Friday the App Store administrators were contemplating to remove this app post various allegations about it being very similar with Siri.

Apple has confirmed that it will launch the iPad 3 on the 7th of March, next Wednesday after it sent an invitation to journalist that says that "we have something you really have to see. And touch". The message comes with a picture that shows a finger touching an iCal calendar app icon showing Wednesday 7th (you can follow's coverage of the iPad 3).