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Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Ready For Public Testing

Microsoft is finally going to put its much talked about Windows 8 operating system platform to the public test on Wednesday, much to the delight of the world's most devoted Windows fans.

The "consumer preview" version of the forthcoming OS will be unveiled at the ongoing Mobile World Congress event by none other than Windows chief, Steven Sinofsky.

Designed as Microsoft's first ever unified OS platform, its compatabiltiy with low-power microprocessors by ARM means that the OS will be able to run on desktops, laptops as well as tablets, reported IBN Live.

Needless to say, Microfot has some very high expectations from the Windows 7 successor as it could play a decisive role for the company in terms of regaining its lost market shares in the desktop OS market.

The Windows 8 platform will come in two different versions - the first to feature the standard x86 chips from Intel Corp, while the other will be based on ARM's new generation microprocessors. Whilst the variant along with the support for Intel's x86 chips will be focused on desktop and laptop computers, the other's compatibility with ARM microprocessors will mean a far more suitable match for portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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