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New Mac Malware on the Prowl, Exploits Old Java Bug, Steals Passwords

A new malware, which is a reincarnation of a Trojan that was first detected in the month of September last year, has been discovered and is spreading very fast.

The malware is trying to gain control over the Apple Macs via use of three methodologies. Out of these three methods two exploits Java vulnerabilities. Java is highly utilised by the websites for delivering various interactive elements and interestingly it does not require user's intervention.

In case, any particular Mac system does not have Java installed or it has all the security patches up-to-date the Trojan uses a new variant, namely Flashback.G. This new variant presents a fake security certificate, purportedly from Apple, and tricks the user to get it installed.

The security firm on their official blog stated, "Most users won't understand what this means, and click on 'Continue' to allow the installation to continue."

Those Mac systems which are powered by earlier OS X versions, for example Snow Leopard, are mostly in danger of this attack as Java comes in the installation package itself. Intego has suggested that Macs running on OS X 10.6 must update their Java immediately.

However, at the same time the firm also mentioned, "Nevertheless, many Macs are getting infected by the social engineering trick of the bogus certificate purporting to be signed by Apple."