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Oracle Exalytics Big Data Appliance Available Under GA

Exalytics Big Data appliance, which was announced last October at the OpenWorld conference, is now under General Availability (GA)

It is a new in-memory massive data analytics appliance and according to CEO and co-founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison, Exalytics travels "at the speed of thought". It was introduced for Exalogic cloud-systems server as well as Exadata storage server.

Before launching Exalytics the company conducted tests for many months and now it has been passed as a "ready-for-prime-time" product. Ellison, while expressing his views on speed and efficiency of DRAM and NAND flash based analytics server, stated, "This really is what we consider 'instantaneous in-memory response."

He also claimed, "You cannot get any faster than this. The Essbase analytics are tuned specifically for in-memory processing. These things work basically at the speed of thought." reports eWeek.

The company has been claiming that the new Exalytics product is capable of scanning as well as analyzing more than 1 billion records at the same time. This new appliance is basically an Oracle Sun server which the company reconfigured and added solid state memory and also storage.