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Photos : Meet MediaTek's Answer To The Samsung Galaxy S Range

We managed to get close up pictures (as well as details) of a brand new handset design from Mediatek based around the new MT6575 chipset.

The smartphone, we've been told, will be targetting the $199 price range at retail and comes with a Mediatek MT6575 chipset, an ARM based Cortex-A9 model clocked at 1GHz with a PowerVR SGX GPU.

During the few minutes we were given to play with it, we noticed that its performance was on par with any mainstream smartphone on the market aiming at the £200 price point.

The reference handset design features 512MB RAM, an eight megapixel camera with a 4.3-inch 800 by 480 pixels screen, a dual SIM solution, a HDMI out port and a proprietary 3D interface layered on Androice Ice Cream Sandwich.

Mediatek's forte iies in imaging for the home and they have bundled the MT6575 with a proprietary algorithm for image processing that significantly enhances visuals on the screen.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S, which still retails for a staggering £325 at some retailers online, comes with a much lower specification.


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