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Secret Xbox 720 'Durango' Event Underway in London?

A Tweet from a Crytek developer has given rise to rumours that Microsoft is hosting a "secret" event in the UK about the development plans for its next-generation gaming console Xbox 720 codenamed ‘Durango'.

Sean Tracy who is a senior technical artist at Crytek, has made a comment on twitter stating: "Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks," reports Develop.

Though the post was deleted soon after, the damage had already been done as media had started giving spark to the rumour that ‘Durango' is a code name for the Xbox 720 developer.

Meanwhile, Lionhead which happens to be a subsidiary of Microsoft is believed to be working on a new gaming project. The company's website has started a mysterious countdown about which no further information is available as of now. The timer will freeze during the GDC scheduled for the coming week.

There are reports that a group of journalists from the UK are currently heading towards San Francisco for participating at a "behind-closed-doors Microsoft event," claimed Develop.

However, there are also fair bit of chances that these events could be after all, aimed at future Xbox titles only.