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Siri Rival Evi Might Just Make if It Gets a Makeover

According to reports, if few changes are made, the Siri like voice-recognition British app, Evi, might just make it to the Apple App Store.

On 23rd January this year, iTunes Store approved as well as launched the information application Evi, however, this Friday the App Store administrators were contemplating to remove this app post various allegations about it being very similar with Siri. One of the App Store rule is that replicating functions of any native iOS application strictly prohibited and this Evi app seems to be violating this rule.

However, reports are suggesting that in case of this app, Apple can make an exception of this rule. The Cupertino based tech giant may be working with the developers of Evi for making it different from Siri and keep it in the App Store for sale, suggests The Verge.

Evi is not a complete replica of Siri and definitely it does not offer web world's flawless guide, however, for British users it can be a very useful app as it offers a look into UK maps as well as business setups.

Meanwhile, it will be an unexpected move from Apple, which does not believe in compromising and especially with small start-ups like the current maker of Evi app, True Knowledge.