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Anonymous Attack Leaves Bread Crumbs Behind

A latest report sheds light on an online attack that was initiated by Anonymous in the month of August and lasted for almost 25 days.

On Sunday, the data security vendor, Imperva, released the research report and it offers an interesting and rare insight into specific tools, strategies as well as tactics employed by Anonymous for infiltrating and also taking down various websites.

The August attack was initiated against a Vatican website, but Vatican refused to confirm these reports about the attack. However, according to various reports, accidentally a church official posted an email to a journalist which was intended for a Vatican colleague confirming the attack.

The mail reads "I do not think it is convenient to respond to journalists on real or potential attacks," and that "the more we are silent in this area the better." reported Information Week.

The attack by Anonymous targeted South America and Mexico first and it was code named as "Operation Pharisee".

According to the report their researchers actually had prior indication of this attack. According to CTO at Imperva, Amichai Shulman, "The thing that distinguishes hacktivism from financially motivated attackers is that they're loud and they preannounce."