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Chinese Authorities Seize Fake Apple iPhone Branded Stoves

Officials in China recently confiscated almost 700 stoves that had Apple's trademark logo. According to various reports by Chinese news agencies, the stoves were recovered from two warehouses located in Wuhan, a Hubei province city in Southeast China.

Reports suggest that, these small sized gas stoves having one burner had to be confiscated as they are unsafe and definitely not from Cupertino based tech giant as the logo purportedly suggests.

These stoves bearing iPhone name and Apple logo seems to be new example of Chinese entrepreneurs' creative experimentation to counterfeit any Apple product.

In fact, there has been a series of such incidences that have been exposed in China. In 2011 August, a U.S. blogger residing in China unveiled a series of fake Apple store in Kunming city. In fact, the fake store completely resembled the real Apple Store and later on it was discovered that there are minimum 25 such fake store only in Yunnan province itself, reported Los Angeles Times.

Over the period of time many devices have been witnessed in China having Apple's product name or logo such as sneakers and USB hub. In fact, to get rid of such incidences Apple has been filing lawsuits to ban any product that bears their product or brand name.